To be honest, it's taken me a while to write this section. Not necessarily because I'm not good at praising my wares, but rather because I don't really feel the need to - if you like the pictures, that's wonderful. If you don't, no hard feelings (but I'm always open to positive feedback). No, it's rather because I get sick real quick myself of reading all those sugary, glorified little bios, filled with hyperboles and written by self-proclaimed artists (in the third person, no less).

So therefore, I'll just feed you the bone dry (and relevant) facts rather than the smooth sales pitch: I got interested in photography (hooked may be more accurate I guess) as a graduate student, notwithstanding my plans to take things one at a time, and focus on getting that PhD first. As is so often the case, something as small as asking whether I could take some artefacts from the archaeology department home for the weekend, to see whether I could get a decent shot out of them, set a series of events in motion, that resulted in me getting paid for my images.
While I since left scientific research, I did return to the alma mater as a visiting professor in 2014 and 2018/2019, and teach if and when the opportunity presents itself. While the link with archaeology is never far away when I shoot artefacts, I since broadened my horizon by trying my hand at architectural, landscape, reportage, and concert photography.

Perhaps importantly, I don't shoot for a living, which means on the one hand that sometimes, things may take a wee bit of planning, but on the other it also means I'm not forced to take on assignments I don't fully resonate with. Which I'm sure, is always good for the client too!